We believe that learning is a personal process and so we want each child to write their own personal story: emotionally, socially and academically.

We use a blended approach to classroom instruction combining elements from both mainstream teaching and home-schooling models. This way we achieve a high level of personalisation and can move through educational material at a much faster pace, allowing for more time to be dedicated to challenging subjects such as Mathematics and English. If a student is ready to move on, time is not wasted on redundant or repetitive lessons.

The use of technology enables the customisation of material wherever possible to enhance the learning experience. Emphasis on one-to-one interactions enables our teachers to identify each student’s unique strengths and challenges.

Our Curriculum and Accreditation

While aligned to the National Curriculum (CAPS), our curriculum is significantly enhanced to offer a learning experience comparable to international best practise. We are committed to academic excellence but cannot ignore the role of holistic development and its contribution in achieving success.

Advanced College Brooklyn is registered with the Department of Education as an Independent School in the Micro-School category. EMIS No.: 700401072.



Defining success

We welcome, nurture and encourage uniqueness, which is why we understand that grade scores on standardized academic assessments hardly give you as a parent, a clear perspective of your child’s capabilities. As a team of professionals, we are trained to monitor and assess your child emotionally, socially and academically. Open and frequent communication between parent and school is encouraged. ‘If we don’t hear from you, know that you will hear from us!’

Get In Touch

Location: 415 Marais Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

Telephone: (012) 030 1031

Email: info@acbrooklyn.co.za

School Hours: M-F: 08:00 to 13:30