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Our holiday programme aims to support learning and development through providing challenging, interesting and age appropriate activities. Using a variety of resources and suitable equipment to engage and stimulate the physical, intellectual and social development of students.

We plan for a range of daily indoor and outdoor activities, considering the health and development guidelines for the age group. We encourage coordinated and free play, as play allows students to use their creativity and imagination in achieving dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

We alternate between individual and group activities, placing emphasis on group work for its role in building social and language skills, through structured, task-oriented interaction.

While there are compulsory activities, we also do allow our students to choose between activities, allowing them to explore and discover personal strengths and interests.



415 Marais Street,
Brooklyn, Pretoria

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M-F: 08:00 to 13:30
Weekends: Closed

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Telephone: 012 030 1031

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Location: 415 Marais Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

Telephone: (012) 030 1031


School Hours: M-F: 08:00 to 13:30