Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Gr 10 -12

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Principal: Michele Huenchuquir

Grade Levels: Gr 10 – 12

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Grades 10 to 12 are known as the FET phase of the CAPS curriculum. In this phase Advanced College implements the CAPS curriculum.

Our focus in this phase is critical-thinking and problem solving which is why we place greater emphasis on Mathematics and Science. Again, our small class sizes allow for a more flexible approach in scheduling subject timetables, allowing us to fast-track certain learning areas, while dedicating more time to others.

Young people who demonstrate an affinity in a particular direction, have the option to start training within their chosen career field, while still within the school system. A high school student who wishes to complete a PPL (Private Pilot’s License) while at school, can schedule his/her school programme to accommodate flight hours. So too can a golfer or tennis player who aims to compete professionally, plan a school schedule around training and coaching sessions.

Why Advanced College for Grades 10 to 12:

  • small classes – a maximum of 12 students per class
  • a blended curriculum
  • one-to-one interactions with our students
  • education excellence
  • Partnering with recognised brands to facilitate Further Education and Training (FET).



415 Marais Street,
Brooklyn, Pretoria

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M-F: 08:00 to 13:30
Weekends: Closed

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Telephone: (012) 030 1031

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Location: 415 Marais Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

Telephone: (012) 030 1031


School Hours: M-F: 08:00 to 13:30